Friday, February 5

Engagement Pictures

Here are some engagement pictures I have been working on for the last two weeks that I took for a lovely couple. It was kind of on the spur of the moment. I love working with Ms. Shannon and Phillip they where still willing to take photos on a cloudy day. They just got engage a few months back and are in the planning stage still. I love these pictures. 
I'm happy to say they where very pleased with the photos. I think the one below is one of my favorites. 

Maybe the one above too. Here are a few more. 

It was cute that they would smile on Q at the same-time without me saying anything. Shannon is absolute sweetheart. I wish them my best wishes in their new journey together. Congratulations to you both. Remember a marriage will only be what you make it to be. 

A little humor from the soon to be groom with the old ball and chain. 
I love my job!

Thursday, January 21

Space View Park

Space View Park in Titusville has a beautiful view. I took my boys there for a few practice shots this past weekend. I have been looking for pretty backgrounds around town to create beautiful moments. We spotted some dolphins swimming which is always awesome. It is winter here. I love my boys I took over a dozen shots. They where freezing to death not complaining at all. I made hot chocolate once we got home with lots of marshmallows which Christopher calls them mushrooms.

I will be going back for family pictures. I swear it's pulling teeth to get hubby to smile for a picture. I have to catch him off guard in order to get a real smile. That's when the real work has to be done. 

Kids are easy to get smile. I'm glad my boys are always willing to work with me. Even better when I tell them they can do something they have been asking to do that week. It always changes with my boys. Christopher wants to swim in coffee and Justin wants to go to the UK for some YouTube channel event. I'm not sure they can get that anytime soon. Justin wants to learn how to drive. Christopher wants to have a day off. I guess those request are doable for now. 

I love this last shot. Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, January 20

Paint your child Green

Things you do when your child says I want to be Hulk Momma. Okay, I'm racking my brain how do I paint him without turning him green. Well it was last Thursday if by chance it didn't come off he would just be green. We had the weekend coming up no school on Monday. We had a few days to get it off.  Oh Well it's a good story not like I haven't walked into Lowe's when Justin was little dressed absolutely crazy for crazy day at school when I helped his Teacher out. I still have a hard time making Justin wear things that match now.  His theory is if a color no matter how small it is in his shirt he will wear that color shorts. Christopher dresses up all the time no matter how hot it is. I had to buy and replace his old Iron Man costumes with the help of Daddy. He had to keep him outside playing with Justin just so I could get it in the house. It's insane what you have to do when you have kids. Now it's Batman wearing at Target. Christopher was so excited to be green. 

Mix flour, water,
green washable paint and green food color.
Have fun get green. 

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