Sunday, April 13

Indian river Festival

Florida isn't really that bad once the season of really hot decides to show up. You have to find things to do like this art fair/ whatever festival shows up. It had a little bit of everything there. It was great bounce houses, games, food trucks a gator guy named gator bill. He talked about snakes which made my skin crawl but had a few good points about snakes that I didn't know. Sometimes I have no ideal where my kids get their sense of adventure at for example.

This picture above was a big giant octopus kite that Justin wanted to climb on and then slide down the legs. It was a kite and insisted that he could do it no problem it wasn't even a ride. He just wanted my okay before in the future he wanted to try it. We had a twenty minute conversation about it which made me laugh he sounded just like his daddy. He weighed out the pro and cons with me then finally said "Life isn't worth living unless you take chances Mom!"
He couldn't make a mother more proud then when he uses my own words against me. He is an amazing kid. I'm so happy I get to be his mother.  I tried to go donate blood and he sound like his father again. 
"Mom, Only a few people have your blood you need to keep it!" 
I have AB- blood the red cross calls me all the time to donate. Then we had another talk about blood types my boys are B positive and hubby is O positive explaining all that lead into a baby talk thank god we ran into someone who we knew which cut that talk in half. 

I love when my son has his mind set to something he doesn't give up at all. Determination is the key for whatever you set your mind to. It was a blast my son had an amazing time. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped out including Coach Mike who helped watch Justin while he tried the wall a dozen times. Justin completed the kids one but got really mad when they refused to let him finish the adult course and be timed.


He didn't fall I guess his pull ups at home have worked out. 



My son is AWESOME!!!

We will go back next year. 

Thursday, April 10

Things we say well Popsicle says

Being a mom I find that my boys are always saying something off the wall especially my little one. Sometimes we all say things that are funny at that time. Here are a few I can remember. 
My Popsicle told me I wasn't a girl I was his mommy.

Talking in the locker room with another lady I told her you know you have to drain the lizard before we take step class. When I said it I was thinking to myself I can't believe I just said that. I made sure I told her I have two boys. However I'm not so sure that matter the look on her face was priceless.

Popsicle tried to get me to call and buy the total gym. You know the advertisement with Chuck Norris. He was very convincing as he told me. It will make me strong and healthy. I don't have to leave home. My Popsicle was like a  salesperson.

Trying to explain to him why he can't tell the salesman at the tire place he was cute was funny.  Popsicle says " Why Momma he's a good looking man." OKAY he is three I'm sure that will change as it did when we walked into Target.  He told a lady walking by she was Beautiful!  I don't know where he comes up with this stuff it just flows out his mouth like nothing. I'm in big trouble as he gets older.

Justin tried to get him to leave the lizard alone at the park so we could leave.  He tells us the lizard is his friend and he can't leave him. He will be sad. Then he starts bawling his eyes out when we left. I felt so bad but my cat will eat the poor thing if we bring him home. Then Popsicle tells me I hurt his heart he will never get over losing his friend. Now I feel like the worst person alive.

He asked the lady at the grocery store for a hand shake then he kissed her hand and told her she was doing a good job bagging our food. 

When he goes to the bathroom he runs down his own check list
Pee check, Poop check, wipe my butt check. I have no ideal where he came up with that.

Making dinner a few nights ago I dropped pasta on the kitchen floor as I said "Shit" here comes Popsicle "Where shit I don't see shit!" Justin and I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard our stomach hurt. Like he knew what shit was.  Thanks to this movie for that one. 

Having lunch with the ladies he made them laugh. He told both of them they were Beautiful and his new best friends.

I had to tell my oldest not to walk around in his underwear that he is too old for that now. Popsicle says "Momma leave the kid alone!" 

The boys and I made some prayer sticks about a year ago. They are Popsicle sticks with pictures of family and friends on them. Christopher prayed for his self last night because he was tired. 

I think my son has an imagination gone wild or he talks to the dead. First it was Carol and Jack who went down in a shipwreck now it's some man named John. He was sitting on the floor playing when he kept talking to someone. 
"What are you doing babe?" I asked 

Christopher says "I'm trying to build a robot but John won't let me." 

Me "Who is John?"

Christopher "He is my friend."

Me "Well tell John to be nice."

Christopher tells John "Mommy said be nice!"

Me "He can stay as long as he is nice."

He runs up to me gives me a hug and tells me I'm the best Mommy ever. I'm not sure what to think about that.  However the kids were laying on the couch and the floor when a Lego block spontaneously was thrown through the living room at Justin. I seen it and couldn't believe it. Justin said "I think John did that! I think he was trying to make it in the box with the other Lego's."
Christopher yells "I'm not telling you again John stop!"

I do know he keeps us on our feet all day long he never stops. I like that he has tons of character. I love my boys! Not to sure about John yet but Carol and Jack left so maybe John will too. 

Sunday, April 6

Where is Danny?

I came across this video where a Homeless man felt the need to join in singing. I have found this is very moving everyone needs faith in Life no matter where it comes from. I hope Carlos finds out what happen to Danny. His voice was very moving in this song.

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