Sunday, August 31

Numbers, Running & Men in a Rock

# 92 Bucket list done

It's extremely amazing that this monument was constructed with dynamite. A little history lesson on our travels. A must see if you are going through South Dakota. I think I will make the picture above a postcard.

The Hoover Dam wasn't on my bucket list which we seen on our way home. A last minute stop to waste sometime before we hit or hotel. We decide to drive through it instead of paying to park and walk around. After Vegas I had absolutely no energy to walk nor did the rest of the family. However, To get a picture I jumped out of the car to take one thinking I could just jump back in. Nope I had to run two blocks until I came to a break in the fence line before I could get to the car. My hubby was driving and laughing the whole time as my son is yelling out the window " You can do it keep up!"  My advice stay in the car.
. It's a beautiful site to see! Another pit stop I would recommend to go to if you are in the area.

Saturday, August 23

Justin ice bucket

The Internet has been slammed with the ALS Ice bucket challenge of course my son wants to join in. I love my son to death he is always up for a challenge no matter what it is. I guess it's what happens when you keep your children up to date with what's going on in the world today. Have fun Daddy your son just challenged you. You have 24 hours to comply.

The bucket is a little big but he was able to do it. GO JUSTIN!!!!! Christopher is fine he didn't care for the water that splashed in his face. He was fine with his brother doing it. I love my boys!!!
He did this on 8/9/14 I had to re-post due to no volume.

Thursday, August 21

As close as it gets

To # 82 Bucket List

We drove through Roswell New Mexico walked around and even manged to get lost. Please don't ask it was freaky. We did pose with an Alien. I wish my Papa( Grandfather) was here to have gone with us. He was the biggest Alien fan I know. We used to sit for hours at a time just talking about scientific stuff. He would have really loved it. It was getting dark  I was driving there was no way we were staying there at night. I drove to the next town before we stopped for the night here are some pictures. No, My hubby isn't pinching our son I told them to look scared and this is what happened. Hubby was trying to scare our boys. I love this picture!

Funny thing is my Papa did always call my hubby the Alien in the family because he is so knowledgeable about many things. I couldn't force myself to go into the museum in fear the Aliens would be watching. I know funny right well better safe then sorry. I don't ever want to run into an Alien.
I guess this will be as close as we get for now to our 
bucket list # 82. 

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