Tuesday, March 24

Getting fit runs in our family!

Getting fit runs in our family. This morning we made it to circuit taining.  Justin made the first round.  I'm so proud he tried. He kept asking what I did twice a week.  Today he found out.  He had a lot of fun!
He keeps asking to run a 5k because he enjoys it. Takes me back when he was in kindergarten asking why his school didn't have a track team. He makes me laugh. I don't know too many five year olds who run track. We are looking into it. The only problem we keep running into is his age. A parent has to run with him. Not that I mind but I'm not carrying his brother.  No way that would be interesting!  
Justin was amazing today! He had a smile on his face the whole time.  
We are also at
 Day 21: 200 side bends and 35 burpees.  I set Justin at 25 for each. 

He has a little six pack. His voice is changing. He has a mustache.  My little boy is growing up.  He is taller than me. Now I feel short and bad when I have to raise my voice. Which isn't often. I have to look up to him to do it. I find it funny that he still goes back and fourth with his brother.  Like age doesn't matter. Despite the large age gap they have a wonderful relationship. I have a video of today on Facebook. Don't mind it being shaky I was a little worn out. 

Sunday, March 22

Day 20 Are you still going?

Day 18: 100 Tricep Dips and 50 squat jumps
This day went well as far as the squat jumps were a little hard for me because of my knees problems. I took out the jumps for the last 25 I just made them squats.

Day 19: 200 High Knees and 100 Supermans
https://youtu.be/bZUfaLxJ36M A video for high knees now you can add a jump if you like.
If you don't know how to do a superman it's simple here is another video. https://youtu.be/z6PJMT2y8GQ I also took a break and spilt it up as well. I don't see the need for these many superman's. If you have a bad back please take it slow. If you are asking why? You can hurt yourself more if you are not careful. If you want to help your lower back problems take it slow. It's to help strengthen your lower back and abs but take your time.  Anything worth having comes with time. Please keep that in mind.

The big day is today Day 20: 75 Burpees and 4x60 second planks
Video for Burpees https://youtu.be/JZQA08SlJnM
Now with Burpees you can take out the pushups if needed and the jumps. The planks you can go to your knees if you have to. Today I split up my Burpees as of right now I still have 15 more Burpees to go. Yah, me almost done with this amazing challenge. Are you taking the Challenge? If so please let me know. Have fun working out.


Thursday, March 19


Abandoned Ireland is something I came across today as I was looking for information on being Irish this month. Just looking for something to tell and share with my boys when I came across this site.

I like to look into this in the future. I have a weird pull to strange abandoned places. I always have the need to investigate. It's in my blood I can remember being young always wanting to know the rest of the story to these beautiful places. The how, when and why? This place is maybe not on my list since everyone died who came in contact with it.

Another beautiful picture I found but no information about it.
Carna, Connemara, Eire, Ireland, 

Trying to trace my roots is a little harder than I thought it would be. No hit's on the web yet and tracking down family is not going so well. I sent a few Facebook messages out since everyone and their momma is on that site. Still after a week nothing well until then reading a few more kid stories to buy us some time. My boys love to make crafts and food which they were not sure about the soda bread. Then again I don't know if I made it the right way.

Crock Pot Guinness French Onion Soup & Irish Cheddar Crouton  Um, WHAT?! This is my dream recipe. French onion soup has always been a big favorite in my household. Hubby and my oldest loves it. It's awesome a childhood treat that takes me back to when my Papa would tell his stories. This dish was one of his old time favorites. I sure do miss him a lot. I can't believe it has already been five years since he past.

Abandoned Tyrone House, County Galway, Ireland

Wish me luck on finding out any information. Thanks for reading.

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