Monday, May 25

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

This is a hilarious book. It's written by a 12 year old Zombie if you follow the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid these books follow the same mindset just in Minecraft. It starts off as a diary on a Monday he doesn't understand why his mom makes him go scare the villagers. Zombies can't go out during the day he thinks it would be easier if he had human parents because they're probably nice. He has to go to scare School to learn how to scare the villagers. It's extremely cute if you or your children are obsessed with Minecraft this series is definitely for you. We started reading the book yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. It's a silly book that will make you laugh. Now I have to order the whole set from Amazon. They run about $3.99 or so it varies. Learning how to play is hard but a lot of fun when my directions come from a four year old.  Happy Reading!  

Sunday, May 24

Paintball and Brothers

My boys are always good to each other. Christopher sat with me for three hours while his big brother played with his friends shooting paintballs at each other. Christopher was bored out of his mind. We talked played tag a lady gave him pizza because he was cute. It was in the 90's Justin was covered from head to toe in sweat, dirt and paint. Justin seems to like to play right now. If he keeps it up Daddy has talked me into letting him buy a paintball gun for him. He wants all the gear. Some more Father and Son bonding time where they can be crazy together. I love it! I really do love how close they are. It melts my heart. Here is what Justin was looking at to get.
When Justin would come off the field Christopher would make sure he had his water to drink. He even helped refill his brother's gun with paintballs. Kept a handful to step on I guessed he figured it was his payment for waiting. Justin didn't care it made Christopher happy. Justin took some good hits that left marks on him. Christopher was all concern we needed to get ice packs for him on the way home. It was too cute to see how much he cares. Christopher was the only one yelling "Go Jay Go Jay!" That was one of the times Justin took a hit because of Christopher. I felt bad it looked like it hurt. Christopher tells him later "You should look next time big Bro!" I had to laugh because he is to little to understand right now.
Christopher can't play until he turns eight years old but he like this gun as well. The Combat Zone is the place to go if you are looking to try it out. They have three fields right now. The Ref's are great and work off tips so make sure you tip them. They keep it running smooth. I was a little worried about Justin getting ambush by being in there by himself. That won't happen here or at least what I see they are really strict by how the fields are run. It's a lot of fun make sure you bring water.  
Brothers Forever
Justin even clean the oven for me to say thank you for taking him to play. Justin is growing up so fast. Time sure goes by really fast. I know I have said it before but it really does.

Tuesday, May 19

It smells like a rose

 Look at the color in these flowers they are just stunning. I can see different shades of purple and red. I used my landscape Nikon 55-300 lens. Just playing around day before yesterday.

 The kids were doing there own thing on the computer playing Minecraft of course.  I thought I would take advantage of the house being quite. I took over a dozen pictures just to get a handful that looked amazing. Godzilla wouldn't leave me alone. I was hoping he would pick the flower up in his mouth and try to run a way. That would have been a neat picture to get. Instead he thought I was playing when I lay down on the floor. That's the story behind the last picture.
It's still a great picture. It may not have been the one I wanted but working with cats is not an easy task.

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